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In Hope of Touching Every Nation

With Associate Congregations and Ministries throughout the United States,
Europe, Asia and North Africa

Dedicated ordained and lay ministers working together to fulfill the Great Commission make up Agape Ministries International.  The Church was founded by committed men and women of God who prefer to focus on the work to be done, rather than individual success or acheivement.  Men and Women who believe in continuing the work of Christ, for the advancement of His Church and for the cause which motivates us; reaching outside the four walls of the church for those in need. 
As such an organization, we have found it advantageous to provide educational development and Ordination of potential Pastors, Missionaries and Youth Ministers to do the work of the Kingdom here on earth.   Men and Women who have a true heart for God and a call to serve in ministry. 
AMI has a wide range of courses available thru our Leadership Insitute and Seminary.   Raising up leaders and sending them forth, planting churches and ministering the Word of God in hope of touching every nation.

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