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Lay Ministers   

One of the ministries most demanded by local churches, this concentration develops leaders capable of mobilizing church members for effective evangelism and assimilation. 

At AMI, a Student may specialize in the courses needed to develop a dynamic local church outreach/evangelism ministry. Prospective students must complete all certifications in Leadership and have 12 months active service before being discipled as Lay Minister.  

This concentration provides the education and essential experience of actually assisting in planting a church.  It is a statistical fact that the number of Bible teaching churches in America is becoming smaller each year. There is a desperate need for aggressive church programming and church planting. 

AMI has an intensive course that is designed to prepare church planters for their important tasks. Along with 12 months educational study, students must be in full time active internship for this certification.


The senior pastor of today is called upon to lead an ever-changing and highly-complex group of people. Church size, community, congregation age, and economics all combined present leadership complexities in the pastorate today. This concentration prepares you for dynamic leadership in all areas of Church Planting, Discipling, Ministry Leadership and Pastoral Counsel.

Biblical counseling is an essential ministry of the church today. AMI will prepare and disciple you, while remaining in line with Scripture, to bring God's hope to troubled lives.

The pressures of life in a fast-paced society have caused much uncertainty, emotional upheavals, and temptation to poor decision making. The Scriptures contain the answers the Holy Spirit uses to bring peace to a restless life. 

Pastors must complete an additional 18 months internship in the area of Counsel and Spiritual Leadership/Mentorship to be certified as Pastoral Counselor.



Ordination Ceremony 

The Ordination Ceremony is held once a year for those who have completed all certification and internship requirements.    A Final Interview with the District Supervisor and the Board of Trustees will take place prior to the certification and ordination ceremony.



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